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Do You Know All of Your Membership Benefits?

Do You Know All of Your Membership Benefits?

Membership Benefits allow members to tailor each vacation according to your travel schedule, allowing you to stay in different sized units, during different seasons, adding different amenities to accommodate you and your guests.

Club Points

Club Points allow members to have flexibility based on a point chart and a season calendar. Choose your preference between different room options. Smaller units use less points, bigger units use more points.

Point Redemption

Point Redemption allows you to use your Club Points to pay for up to 60% of the cost of all-inclusive meal plan, spa services or special treats and services at the resort.

Preferred Points

Every year you receive an additional set of points equal to the amount of Club Points you own per year, good to be used between weeks 18 – 43 (May through October). Biennial members receive preferred points every other year during their use year, maintenance fee must be paid at the time of booking.

Rental Time

If you have depleted your points, Rental Time allows you to receive a special rate to make reservations without using your points. (Special conditions may apply.)

Banking and Borrowing

Members are allowed to borrow Club Points from future years of use to make a reservation on a larger unit or stay longer.

Members are allowed to bank Club Points to future years of use with no penalty if you are not planning to travel this year. Make sure you bank your points before November 1st of each year.

Accelerate Club Points

Members with annual memberships are allowed to bring the points from the last year of the membership to the existing use year, which allows you to make a reservation on a larger unit or stay longer.

Guest Certificates

Members are allowed to gift or lend their Club Points to friends and family. A fee applies, please call our servicing company for more information.

Members Discount Card

Whenever you visit one of your home resorts, you will receive a discount card at the time of check in that gives you promotional prices for tours and activities in the resort, and restaurants around the resort.

Extended Night Stay

Allows members who are staying in one of your home resorts to extend the reservation for more nights at a prorated maintenance fee price. Subject to availability.

RCI Exchange Program (GBRC members only)

RCI is a third party company that allows members to exchange their time, which gives you the benefit to stay in different places around the world.

Club Caribe members use Interval International as the Exchange Company.

Make sure you are utilizing all of your Membership Benefits! Our Member services team at ResortCom is always available to guide you to make sure you are utilizing your membership to the max!

Want to upgrade to the next level of experience? Learn more about Elite Benefits in next month’s Newsletter.