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Deposit Your Preferred Points in Your Exchange Company (RCI)

Another way to use Preferred Points is by depositing them with your exchange company (RCI), and then using them to make reservations through RCI.


If you would like to deposit your Preferred Points with RCI, you may do so up to 12 months ahead of the time you plan to travel.


In order to deposit Preferred Points with RCI, you must need to contact Resort Com and request a deposit.


When you deposit your Preferred Points with RCI, you will need to pay a full week maintenance fee.


RCI will convert your Preferred Points to RCI Credits, which is the currency that RCI uses for reservations.


Your RCI Credits will be saved for up to two years from the date you deposit them, so you can use them to make a reservation any time in that period.


You can make reservations in any season through RCI, and you may also make reservations in the names of  friends or family with RCI Credits.