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Picnic in the Mountains

Picnic in the Mountains

Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta offers a Picnic in the Mountains experience for couples or families, complete with gourmet delights and breathtaking views of the jungle and the ocean from our viewing platform above Garza Blanca Resort on the jungle preserve.

This is an experience not to be missed! Our butler will pack a picnic lunch for you and escort you up a mountain trail to the picnic area. The butler will prepare the picnic for you and schedule a time to pick you up, and then leave you and your family alone to eat and enjoy the natural surroundings and wildlife in peace.

picnic lunch

We have updated the menu for the picnic, making it more extensive, selective and avant-garde. This is a great activity for foodies! The new menu includes gourmet cheeses and berries, guacamole, green salad with vegetables, and several delicious baguette style sandwiches. Choose from options such as vegetarian, chicken and spinach, Italian style cold cuts, prosciutto, goat cheese and olive oil, and smoked salmon. Enjoy beer, wine or juices, and for dessert choose from piña colada mousse with chocolate crumble or lemon mousse with vanilla crumble.


This menu is intended to be a little bit fancier than you might pack for your lunch at home, but still relaxed and ultimately, delicious! The idea is to feel good and enjoy an outdoors lunch, taking advantage of the scenery in the mountains just above Garza Blanca.

Schedule your cooking class

We offer the picnic every day except holidays. Pease schedule a time with the concierge 24 hours in advance.