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Changes to the Menu at Blanca Blue

The dinner menu at Blanca Blue has been completely overhauled! Members requested a restaurant with more real, traditional Mexican cuisine, so our new chef Ovidio Perez designed a menu full of Mexican flavors as well as new preparations of traditional dishes that we think our patrons will love! These are not your typical tacos; the new menu features Mexican haute cuisine, a well as classics with a high end twist. Blanca Blue aims to bring an unforgettable experience of flavors with a lot of tradition and unique, emblematic elements of Mexican cuisines to the palate of our members and guests.

The new menu is made up of fresher fare, featuring elegant plates with well-balanced flavors. This can be seen from the first course in our From the Orchard Salad with roasted, pickled, creamy, and dehydrated leaves and vegetables, as well as our new Beet Salad with organic microgreens, dehydrated and roasted beetroot, passion fruit honey, and sweet potato puree, and our new Milpa Soup with regional beans, roasted tomato, zucchini, and fresh chili.

A selection of dishes from different regions of Mexico was made in order to present a more complex and varied gastronomic proposal. You will find a variety of appetizers and entrees such as fried plantains, oysters, octopus, fish, steak, pork, aged duck and rack of lamb! All of these meals blend Mexican ingredients like agave, hibiscus, avocado, sweet potato, serrano chile, pipian and fried grasshoppers to create a sophisticated offering that will surprise and delight! Each element in each dish helps to highlight the flavors of the meal, and makes the taste better in each bite.

One of the main elements present within our new menu are the moles. Mole is a dish that has marked a very large gastronomic line in Mexico, due to its flavor and complexity. The new menu features moles made in Oaxacan style and Veracruz style, each highlighting the essences from different states of Mexico, but without neglecting the new trends in cooking techniques, thus achieving a fresher, more elegant and avant-garde style with flavors well balanced in each dish.

We look forward to hosting you for dinner the next time you are at Blanca Blue, and we would love to hear your feedback about the new menu.