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Best Watersport Activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Cancun and the Riviera Maya’s privileged location on Mexico’s Caribbean coastline makes the destinations an amazing choice if you like to enjoy some fun with watersports.  The area is home to so many different watersport activities that you may be wondering which ones you and your travel companions should try out.  Thankfully there are adventures that cater to all sorts of interests and ability levels.
Here are a few of our favorite watersport activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya, all of which you can organize at the onsite tour and travel agency at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Cancun Underwater Museum

Featuring more than 500 life-sized sculptures arranged along the ocean floor in a variety of dive spots, this snorkeling adventure is simply unforgettable!  After arriving by boat, you will jump into the water to snorkel above sculptures that have been crafted with materials that encourage the growth of coral.  The various underwater “galleries” are favorite hangouts for all types of marine life, and vibrant schools of fish are always on hand to delight. You have a choice of sites, some are suitable for diving, others you can enjoy by snorkeling or in glass bottom boats.

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Isla Contoy Day Trip: Snorkeling and Eco-Paradise

This fun excursion takes you to snorkel around Ixlache Reef, which is an absolute underwater paradise of vivid coral that is home to a variety of wildlife including charming sea turtles, schools of tropical fish, queen conch and spiny lobster.  After your time in the water, you will get to explore the beauty of Isla Contoy with the expert leadership of a certified guide who will help you get to know this wildlife refuge and national park which hosts many types of sea turtles and more than 150 bird species.  


Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour

Acquaint yourself with the astonishing sights of Mexico’s underwater Caribbean with this fantastic tour that visits a protected coral reef teeming with colorful fish and marine life, then moves onto a bed of seagrass that attracts stingrays, turtles, crabs and lobsters.  Finally, marvel at the ruins of a shipwreck, where tropical fish like to congregate and entertain.


Tulum Ruins and Underground Cenote Tour

Get the best that land and sea can offer with this great combination tour.  You will first enjoy a guided tour around the archaeological site of Tulum, where dazzling architecture, including pre-Columbian temples, and views of the Caribbean Sea will take your breath away.  Afterward, you will head to nearby Aktun Chen Park, where you will have the chance to swim in an enchanting underground cenote.  You will also have the opportunity to explore a cave on a guided tour.   

Swim with Whale Sharks

Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime when you embark on a tour that allows you to swim alongside these gentle giants!  While their massive size may seem intimidating, whale sharks are actually the world’s largest fish and pose no threat to humans.  Along the way, you may also spot wildlife such as giant sea turtles, manta rays and dolphins. Whale shark season runs from July until the end of September.