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Benefits of Real Estate Investment

With the unprecedented availability of properties in the region due to ongoing development as well as continuing enhancement to the area’s infrastructure such as expanded high-speed Internet and a highway that will connect the shore to Jalisco’s capital of Guadalajara, there may have never been a better time to make the Puerto Vallarta area into your new home.


Renting and yearly leases provide accessible avenues into making your dream of a life on the Mexican coast a reality, but more visitors than ever are making the most out of the city’s evolution by purchasing property in the area. Particularly in a thriving atmosphere like modern Puerto Vallarta, owning real estate not only provides full time access to a tropical paradise, but represents an intelligent investment as well.

Real estate is an asset which inherently gains value over time, and with the city completing its transformation into a travel destination on the global stage, prices for properties will only increase with the expected influx of new arrivals. Properties purchased in Puerto Vallarta may also be tax deductible, both during the year of closing and in following years.

Not only does this mean enhanced tangible value on the investment, but the property itself can create passive income through listing as a rental. Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding regions are some of North America’s most desirable destinations during most times of year, and property owners who live in their homes part time and rent them out during select months are most often able to quickly cover the cost of the investment.

In fact, many vacationers fall in love with the area and purchase property with only their tourist visas as proof of residency. Owning a house or condo in the area can even be an ongoing resource for your estate, and can be passed down to loved ones.

Delivering an attractive combination of ready accommodations for vacations and visits as well as decades of income potential, investing in a Mexican property is one of the savviest moves a traveler can make. A full ownership in Garza Blanca offers the opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest while creating a lucrative income stream that lasts a lifetime, ensuring you can savor the fruits of your investment for years to come.