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2 Bedroom Versus 3 Bedroom Vacation Home

Thinking of buying a vacation home in Mexico? 

Garza Blanca residences are a wonderful option for anyone looking to buy a vacation home right on the beach in the most beautiful locale on the Pacific coast! 

Perhaps you’re wondering if a 2 bedroom residence or 3 bedroom residence would be better for you. 

We have some tips about how to decide between a 2 bedroom versus a 3 bedroom vacation home in paradise. 

Location, Location, Location! 

You know what they say: in real estate, location is king. You can always change the paint colors and kitchen countertops in any property, but you can never change the neighborhood. Whether you decide to purchase a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom vacation home, making sure it’s in a great neighborhood will benefit your vacation lifestyle immensely, and a great location also makes a great investment. 

garza blanca

And what better neighborhood could you possibly ask for than right on the beach, backing up to lush jungle mountains and a waterfall! Garza Blanca has its own private beach with soft sand and ocean access, and backs up to the tropical jungle mountains of the Sierra Madres that run through Puerto Vallarta. The entire property is lush with gorgeous landscaping that is meticulously cared for and contributes to the overall calm, luxurious vibe of the resort. 

The resort and residences are located just 15 minutes outside of the hustle and bustle of the heart of downtown, in the serene Mismaloya area. Closer to the mountains, more peaceful, away from the nightclubs, but still close enough to all the action. All of these features make Garza Blanca a superb neighborhood for a vacation home. 

Your Family and Your Goals

Other important factors when deciding between a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom vacation home include the size of your family and what you want to do with the property in the future. 

If you have children who will be traveling with you, or who will be using the vacation home on their own or with their families in the future, it might be a good idea to opt for more space. If you are a retired couple or a solo buyer, 2 bedrooms could be the perfect size for you. If you have friends who would like to come visit you, maybe having a guest room is appropriate. If you would like to set up one room as a home office or hobby room, having a 3rd bedroom could be just perfect for that use. Consider these options while you’re deciding how much space you want. 

Vacation home or second home?

Are you planning to live in the property for 6 months out of the year, or just visit 1-2 weeks per year for vacation? Would you like to use the property to generate rental income during the year, or are you looking for a place to rest your head while you visit Puerto Vallarta? 


If you are interested in using the property as a rental, a 3 bedroom might be a better option for you, because 3 bedroom units are often more desirable to larger traveling families or groups of friends traveling together, and the potential for rental income and resale value is higher. 

But two bedroom vacation rentals are also great for couples, families with children, smaller groups of friends, or two couples traveling together. 

For long term vacation rentals, a 3 bedroom property may be more sought after. In general, vacation homes with 3 bedrooms tend to appeal to larger families and individuals who like to travel with a group of friends.  In general, it all depends on your needs, how much you would like to invest, and what you imagine in your dream vacation home. So… does a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom residence appeal more to you? Visit Garza Blanca Real Estate’s website at to take a look at our current inventory of beachfront residences for sale in Puerto Vallarta.