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Airport Transfers

Booking and pre-paying your airport transfer through Members Services prior to your arrival is a great way to avoid any fuss when you arrive on vacation. Knowing that you have a safe and reliable company coming to collect you is very reassuring and is highly recommended. However, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all our members to follow some simple advice when arriving at the airport to ensure that you use the services of the correct transport company.

Recently, a significant number of cases were reported (principally at Cancun airport) whereby members used the services of an alternative company by mistake and were consequently charged by the erroneous transport provider.

Please read the following advice to avoid using the wrong transport company.

Have your reservations details to hand

Be sure to make a note of the transport company’s name and your reservation details as sent in your confirmation email. Have this information to hand when you get off the airplane, preferably a printed copy or on a smart device (be sure your device is fully charged when you leave the plane).

Check the logo and company name

Look out for the company logo for your reservation. When approached by an agent, they should be wearing a T-shirt from the transport company and be able to show you some ID with the company’s name on it.

Check you are on the list

Double check that the agent has your name on their list of reservations and that they have a record of your payment.

We hope this guidance is useful. Please note that Garza Blanca Residence Club and its affiliates cannot be held responsible for any charges accrued by members who use the services of an alternative transport provider by mistake.