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A Reminder of Your Fabulous Club Benefits

Vacation ownership with Garza Blanca Residence Club offers you so many fabulous benefits to ensure you feel like you have arrived home each time your vacation with us. Your private luxury suite and all the comforts of home along with our friendly staff are here to help you indulge in paradise every time.


Exclusive Toll Free 877 number

Garza Blanca Residence Club members can call a specially designated toll free number to contact your pre-arrival concierge services where you can pre-book special events, activities, spa services, reservations and anything related to your vacation needs. All you have to do is call: 1-877-722-4592 to make sure all the special details are in place for your next visit.


Convenient and Comfortable Check-in

To ensure that our members feel special when they arrive, we have an exclusive check-in desk just for you. You can also check in any day of the week so you can avoid the crowds and save on airfares by flying midweek if you wish.


Enjoy Discounts

You will receive a discount card upon arrival, which you can use to take advantage of various services and discounts at participating restaurants, stores, bars, golf courses and more. Members will also receive preferential rates at our associated travel agency on site. See more about discounts.


Banking, Borrowing and Accelerating

Did you know that if you do not use your Club Points you can bank them for up to 5 years (biennial members for 1 year); just make sure you bank them before the cut-off date each year, which is usually before the end of October. Likewise, you can borrow points up to 5 years in advance (1 year in advance for biennial members). Another option for our members is to Accelerate your Club Points, taking from the back end of your contract.

Extended stay nights

Adding an extra day or two to your stay is easy. Members can extend their stay subject to suite availability by paying the prorated Maintenance Fees.

Flexible Use Periods

You can use your Club Points as you choose, staying for as short a time as just 2 nights or as long as your points permit. You can even split your points to stay at different resorts within the same year and apply your points towards smaller or larger suites as required.

Preferred Points

Preferred Points are an additional set of points that you have the option of using during the summer months from weeks 18 to 43 (May to October) in addition to the Club Points that you have purchased. For most members, these points equate to two full weeks.



Points Redemption Program

Your Club Points may be used towards paying 50% of the cost for a variety of services including meal plans, spa services, flower arrangements and more. To find out more, click here.

Member Rental Program

If you would like to rent your use period, you can apply for the Suite Getaway program.

Refer a Friend

Members can benefit from the Friends Count referral program by recommending a friend to become a member. If they attend a presentation, there will be rewards for you; if they purchase and become your new neighbor in paradise, you will receive an even bigger reward. See how you can invite your friends to share in your pleasure by clicking here.


Two Year Booking Window

Garza Blanca Residence Club members can submit their reservation requests up to 24 months in advance of the desired check in date.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Your membership includes optional medical travel insurance.

External Exchange Program

Garza Blanca Residence Club members can enjoy the benefits of one of the top exchange networks in the world: RCI and The Registry Collection. Why not exchange a vacation week for an alternative location anywhere in the world?