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3 Reasons to Visit Puerto Vallarta this Winter

As the bitter cold sets in and the bone-cracking chills of winter become unbearable, it’s only natural to long for the warmth and comfort of a tropical vacation. This winter, people from all over the world will be packing their bags and heading to the sun-filled skies and calid  nights of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and you could be one of those lucky visitors making use of your Garza Blanca Residence Club membership!

In addition to the obvious appeal of life in paradise, here are three reasons you should be glad that Puerto Vallarta is your home away from home.


1 –  A tropical vacation can improve your health

The health benefits from an optimum dosage of Vitamin D are undeniable. While most would agree that overexposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful, there are still a myriad of health benefits to be acquired from a little time spent in the sun. Researchers argue that from a lack of this essential vitamin, we are more susceptible to illnesses, bone decay and high blood pressure.

While exposing our bare skin to soak up rays of sunlight in below freezing temperatures back home is highly undesirable, there are countless ways to get your fair share of vitamin D in Puerto Vallarta. Whether lounging poolside, strolling the cobblestone streets of el centro , or venturing out on one of the many excursions offered around town, there is plenty of sunshine to go around on Banderas Bay. Getting some of those healing rays is an enjoyable task when you have between 280 and 310 sun-filled days to choose from.


2 – Your skin will thank you!

Everyone knows that the frigid days of winter can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it scaly and cracking to say the least. For most people, even the constant application of lotions and healing treatments has little effect when the overpowering elements take their toll.

Just by spending a week in the humid climate of Puerto Vallarta, you will regain your balmy glow like never before. Your skin will revel in the new-found moisture and your lips will look more luscious than ever.  And if you’re really feeling in the mood, there is a long list of incredible spa treatments available at Garza Blanca Residence Club’s Spa Imagine that will have your skin looking beautiful long after you return home.


  1. Traveling makes you happier

This is probably the best reason of all to use your club membership to head to Puerto Vallarta this winter. According to one study published by the International Society for Quality-of-life Studies, “A relaxing vacation not only has the power to serve up delight while it’s underway, but, thanks to eager anticipation, it can also boost vacationers’ happiness levels weeks and even months prior to its fruition.”

Just by booking your flights to this beautiful city, you’ll be boosting those levels of endorphins that will keep you smiling day in and day out. This magical city, which was once ranked among the happiest places on earth according to Condé Nast Magazine (2001), will help you fight off those winter blues.

From close encounters with wildlife to nostalgic nights out on the town, Puerto Vallarta will give you countless reasons to feel happy. Have you made your reservation yet?

i do not know what this means? might not be a word most members are familiar with.  How about “warm” or “temperate” instead?