Garza Blanca Preserve

Expansion of Garza Blanca Preserve Puerto Vallarta

In 2016, 400 acres (162 hectares) of tropical beachfront land were acquired for development directly adjacent to the current Garza Blanca Preserve complex in Puerto Vallarta with the intention of extending the luxury properties, elite services and unique experiences already available to members and hotel visitors.

New Land for Eco-Conscious Development

The newly acquired land is situated on prime beachfront property looking out to the Pacific Ocean, converging with Garza Blanca’s current development. As the land sweeps to the east, it joins the base of the Sierra Madre Occidental and features 400 acres of stunning terrain that includes rivers and waterfalls.

Groundbreaking and Inventive Proposals

In October 2016, an International Architecture Competition was launched inviting professional architects, designers, students and visionaries to create a design proposal for the beautiful plot of land that neighbors the current Garza Blanca Preserve. Participants were asked to create groundbreaking and inventive projects, which could range in size, form and function, including—but not limited to—a series of pavilions, a collection of buildings, a theme park, a residential project, urban landscapes and more.

Collecting Ideas

The competition received an impressive response with more than 400 registered participants and 54 submitted proposals. Four winners were selected alongside a further nine honorable mentions, announced on February 8th, 2017. The winning proposals will be used to inspire the final plans for the land that will be announced in the near future.