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Summer Means Preferred Points

When we mention Preferred Points, many of our members think: “Yes! The bonus week, right?” Or “Oh great! My free summer week!” While these kinds of comments have their validity, thinking of your Preferred Points in this way can sometimes cause some confusion, so here, just in time for summer, is an article explaining your Preferred Points.


What are Preferred Points?

Your Preferred Points are additional points that you have the option of using during the summer months from weeks 18 to 43 (May to October) in addition to the points that you own. For most members, these points equate to two full weeks.

The great thing about these points is that they are a gift in addition to your annual Club Points allocation; to use them you just have to pay for the prorated maintenance fees for the points you choose to use. Simple! It might therefore be easier to see these points as your “optional” points as this benefit is there for you to use or not, as you wish.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, which is why we avoid calling your Preferred Points your “free weeks.” When you use your Preferred Points, you will pay the according maintenance fees for the points that you use, no more, no less! And if you don’t use them, no worries. They do not cost you a penny.
Although you cannot bank or borrow your Preferred Points from one year to the next, you will be issued with a new lot of Preferred Points each year.


How to make the most of your Preferred Points Benefit

Here are some idea for how to combine your Preferred Points:

Use Preferred Points For Summer Vacations

To make the most out of your Club Points, which you can bank, use your Preferred Points when taking summer vacations, then you can either bank your Club Points or use them for a second vacation in winter.
Combine your Preferred Points with your Club Points for an extra special summer vacation, booking a larger suite to invite your family and friends.

Use your Club Points to Pay for Services

If you use your Preferred Points for your accommodation, you are free to use your Club Points towards paying for 50% of the cost of services through the Points Redemption Program, which could mean opting for an all inclusive meal plan, spa services or special treats.

Squeeze in an Extra Vacation

Preferred Points are a great excuse to get away without eating into your allotted time or to invite a friend for a week in the sun.
Who can say no to an additional vacation week during the summer?