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FAQ: How do banked and borrowed points work?

One of the great advantages of Garza Blanca Residence Club membership is that in addition to your annual points allowance you can bank and borrow vacation points for up to 5 years (or your next usage period for Biennial members) to increase your enjoyment and pleasure for special occasions.

Imagine that you would like to celebrate a special event such as an anniversary or birthday, and wish to have all your family and friends join you. You could bank and/or borrow points to reserve more than one suite to treat your whole family, or you could borrow points to reserve a penthouse. The choice is yours! Administering your points to suit your vacation is easy. If you don’t have enough points one year to cover your plans, you can borrow them; if you don’t use all your points, bank them and make the following year even more special.

How to bank points

Full members can bank all or some of their annual points allocation to be used within the following 5 years while biennial members can save those points until the next use period. That means, if you can’t use your points for some reason, they are not lost; likewise you can plan to save your points for an extra long vacation another year. Like any reservation at Garza Blanca Residence Club, use of your banked points are subject to availability on a first come first served protocol.

All you have to do to bank your points successfully is to do so within the specified deadlines and make sure that you are not in arrears with any payments. If you don’t bank your points within the specified time, you will be required to cover the maintenance fees for those unused points or may be charged a late fee for banking your points after the specified deadline. Unfortunately, you will not be able to bank or borrow points if you are not up to date with payments or any other requirements.

How to borrow points

Like banking points, you can borrow points for up to 5 years in advance (or until your next usage period for Biennial members) to make reservations. These points will also be subject to availability on a first come, first served basis and you must also be up-to-date on your account. Borrowed points can be used for both reserving accommodation as well as towards the prepayment of services and meal plans according to the new Points Redemption Program.