Maintenance Fee

Garza Blanca Residence Club is becoming one of the leading developers within the vacation ownership industry. Our Resorts as well as the management team are being recognized for their top quality customer care to its members.

Your Resort relies on the timely payment of maintenance assessments by all owners.

As stated in your membership documents, the obligation to pay maintenance assessments shall be the personal obligation of each owner at the time the maintenance become due and payable, and is not dependent on your use of the property.

The Garza Blanca Residence Club Member Service Department is available to help you! We do not want you to incur any penalties or interest, forfeit the right to use your membership for any year or even subject to permanent forfeiture of your membership.


Date Description
October 1 - 30 Maintenance fee invoice mailed to all members for the following year’s assessment.
November 1 - 30 Maintenance fee payment due. First Quarterly Installment due for members utilizing the Quarterly Payment option.
December 1
  • Delinquency notice mailed to all members who have not paid.
  • Reservations requests will not be accepted.
  • Reservation confirmations (required for check-in) will not be provided.
  • Modifications to Fixed Weeks reservations may be disabled as well as Exchange privileges.
  • Existing reservations will be cancelled.
  • Unpaid assessments shall automatically be subject to a 12% late charge.
  • There is no guarantee that a use period will be available during the year the delinquency occurred.
January 1
  • A $75 Reinstatement Fee is applied to all unpaid accounts.
  • Unpaid assessments shall automatically be subject to an interest at the rate of 10% per annum.
February 1 2nd Quarterly installment due for members utilizing the Quarterly Payment option.
February 15 Members who have not paid have their use rights suspended until paid in full.
May 31 3rd Quarterly installment due for members utilizing the Quarterly Payment option.
August 1 4th Quarterly installment due for members utilizing the Quarterly Payment option.

Other dates and deadlines to keep in mind

  • October 1-30. Maintenance Assessment bills mailed.
  • November 1. Last day to Vacation Bank Points.
  • December 1. Unpaid Maintenance Assessments are delinquent.

Understanding your bill

Maintenance Fee

This provided the funds for current year operations, maintenance and improvements to the resort.

This is what is spent at the resort to keep your units and grounds in good conditions. The largest expenditure of operating funds is for the on-site management of the resort.

In addition to property management, your operating funds provide for on-site activities and services, and off-site operations that include reservations, reservation systems, hardware and software technologies, maintenance billing, customer service, member communications, general and administrative expenses, legal and accounting fees.

Your resort managers continue to closely manage and control our off-site operating expenses. It is also important to notice that our maintenance fees continue to be comparable to other resorts within the regions.

Eagle’s Wings Foundation (optional)

Eagle’s Wings is a private Foundation created over ten years ago.

This organization seeks to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate in Mexico by providing monetary and organizational support to institutions such as orphanages, free medical clinics and school-building projects.

The foundation appreciates your donations and continued support.

Please contact us for more information.

Medical Air Evacuation Insurance Program (optional)

The on-call medical air evacuation insurance program provides emergency evacuation services from Mexico or any other foreign destinations to the United States in case of catastrophic injury to either you or your family while on your vacation or exchange, and other very valuable medical travel services.

Download On Call Brochure

Maintenance Fee Billing and Collection Policy

Maintenance fees are delinquent if either the full payment or any of the monthly or quarterly four payments are not received by the stated due dates. Late charges and assessments will apply to all outstanding balances. This means that a vacation may be used, confirmed, or deposited, as long as members are current with their quarterly billing payments.

If members are not using the Payments Billing option, fees must be paid in full prior to its use, confirming or depositing their week(s).


All new members will receive their 1st maintenance assesment bill approximately 30 days after membership processing, due upon receipt.

Many of the services are only available when you are logged in securely. To manage your account online, please click here. You are also welcome to send us your request via email.


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